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I am Kirith Entwistle and I am standing to be the next Labour MP for Bolton North East.

Bolton is my home and I’m proud to live here.

I have a proven track record of delivering strong campaigns, from supporting our Armed Forces community, to protecting victims from press abuse and phone hacking.

My roots and future are firmly here in Bolton, and I’m passionate about ensuring Bolton has a strong voice and representation in Westminster.

Bolton has given me the chance to start a family, to put a roof over my head, and a community. Now, I want to give back so that my son and future generations don’t have to struggle the way so many have over the last 13 years under this Conservative government.

I work for a charity called WaveLength, playing my part in helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation, an issue I’m deeply passionate about. I started a ‘Phone a Neighbour’ campaign locally in Harwood to help vulnerable and shielding individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I have a track record of delivering strong campaigns through my work, including fighting to protect victims of press abuse and phone hacking, campaigning for the Leveson Inquiry in her work for Hacked Off. I’m a strong supporter of our Armed Forces, having worked for the Royal British Legion and campaigning for extra support for the Armed Forces Community. My husband is also a Reserve in the Army.

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My Plan For Bolton

Inflation has hit record highs and people are really struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table.

I will be a strong voice in Parliament, supporting the thousands of residents across Bolton facing stagnant wages, rising fuel and food bills, spiralling mortgages and the highest taxes in 70 years.

The Tories have shown they can’t be trusted in Bolton, missing deadlines for crucial funding, failing to invest in vital apprenticeships, and not being trusted by their own Conservative government to receive levelling-up funding.

I will ensure our town thrives again, by working with the Labour Council to attract businesses back to our town, deliver key investment in growth and jobs and explore options to revitalise our community.

From dentistry and GP waiting times, Bolton’s health services are crumbling. I know how hard it is to access our services because I live here.

I am campaigning to ensure Bolton Hospital gets the refurbishment we were promised back in 2019, and that we invest in the staff we need to deliver a 21st Century health service.

I am fighting efforts to privatise our NHS. Labour founded the NHS, and will always prioritise the health of patients above the profits of private companies.

In 2019, Bolton was promised, by Mark Logan and the Conservative Government, an extension of the metro, but not a single inch of track has been built since. Many worry that vital infrastructure will never be delivered and that many in Bolton will struggle to get about our region.

Residents are also furious that ticket offices are set to be closed or restricted at Bromley Cross and Bolton stations, worsening services and limiting access to the elderly and vulnerable.

I will campaign to harness the opportunity of the Bee Network and work closely with Mayor Andy Burnham to connect all communities across Bolton North East. Reducing our collective carbon footprint, bringing the bus network to routes where it is needed most, not where it is most profitable.

Levels of loneliness in the North West, especially amongst young people, are particularly high. Facing loneliness can cause as much physical damage to a person as smoking.

As someone who campaigned locally during the Covid-19 pandemic to help those suffering from isolation, I witnessed first-hand how it impacts a person’s life.

I will bring together community groups and organisations to deliver an anti-loneliness strategy. Through leadership and community engagement, we can face this huge challenge head-on.