Kirith’s response to the Autumn Statement announced on 22nd November 2023.

After thirteen years of economic failure under the Conservatives, today’s Autumn Statement confirms what we already knew – the economy simply isn’t working for working people. The Chancellor’s attempts to paint a rosy picture can’t hide the fact that the Tories have hit a dead end with growth forecasted to be £40bn smaller by 2027.

The 25 Tory tax rises since 2019 speak volumes about their economic mismanagement, burdening households with £4,000 more in taxes each year. Labour, under Keir Starmer’s leadership, is the party of fiscal responsibility, business, and a plan to genuinely improve the lives of working people.

The headline National Insurance cut is a poor attempt to mask the Conservatives’ track record of high taxes and low growth. The reality is, the cost of living crisis persists, with rising mortgages, taxes eating into wages, and inflation hitting working families hard. The Tories’ promises today don’t change their legacy of economic failure.

The Chancellor’s claims of turning a corner are contradicted by the stark truth – under the Conservatives, the UK lags in economic growth compared to numerous advanced economies. Labour’s record of 2% average growth during our thirteen years in office contrasts sharply with the Tories’ paltry 1.5%. Their legacy is one of lower growth, higher borrowing, and a debt nearing 100% of GDP.

The Conservatives’ failures extend beyond the economy, with public services suffering and NHS waiting lists ballooning. Labour pledges to cut waiting lists, investing £1.1 billion annually to improve healthcare accessibility. The Tories’ mishandling of public funds, exemplified by losses on schemes and outdated NHS systems, exposes their incompetence.

As the Tories tout their 11th economic growth plan, it’s evident they’re more world-following than world-beating. Labour’s alternative focuses on getting people into work, replacing the flawed Work Capability Assessment, and addressing the employment rate lagging behind pre-pandemic levels.

The cost of living crisis is far from over, and the Tories’ negligence has left households vulnerable. The closure of critical gas storage and their kamikaze Budget demonstrate their economic recklessness. Labour, with a commitment to fiscal responsibility, presents a genuine plan to boost the economy, reduce debt, and improve the lives of working people.

In the upcoming election, the British people must ask themselves: Are we better off than thirteen years ago? The answer is clear – working people are worse off under the Conservatives. It’s time for change, and a Labour government is the solution to lead Britain and make a real difference in the lives of our citizens.