I have questions for a Bolton MP.

I think that standards in politics are important. I know that the vast majority of people in politics would agree with that no matter which Party or group they may associate with, but there comes a time to show it in practice.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the coverage of the dreadful, racist comments by Conservative Party donor Frank Hester in the last few days.

I’m deeply disappointed that the Prime Minister has decided his party will keep the £10m donation that this man gave to them; accepting his endorsement even knowing his views.

With a General Election around the corner these millions are likely to trickle out to constituencies around the country to fund the election campaigns of different candidates.

I’ve written to Mark Logan, MP for Bolton North East, requesting him not to use the £10m donated by Frank Hester to the Conservatives.

His racist and divisive views have no place in our politics, nor our society, and his behaviour should not be condoned.

You can read my full letter below.

Kirith Entwistle
Labour Party Candidate, Bolton North East