Local activists launch new campaign calling for local rivers and brooks to be cleaned up and sewage dumping to be stopped

A group of passionate local activists in Bolton have launched a new campaign calling for local rivers and brooks to be cleaned up and for sewage dumping to be stopped. Last year alone, raw sewage was dumped an astonishing 1,098 times across Bolton, with rivers like the Tonge, Irwell, and Croal and brooks like Eagley, Bradshaw, Astley, and Belmont suffering from thousands of hours of sewage discharge throughout the year.

The activists are calling out the Conservative government for their inaction, allowing water companies to get away with such practices and failing to take action against them. The activists, supported by Bolton Labour, are demanding automatic fines for sewage dumping, better monitoring of our rivers, and legally binding targets to end 90% of sewage discharges by 2030.

One of the activists leading the charge, Kirith Entwistle, stated, “The rivers and brooks in Bolton should be clean and safe for people and wildlife. We cannot continue to allow water companies to pollute our waterways with raw sewage. The government needs to take urgent action to protect our environment and our health, and it’s clear that fines alone are not enough.”

Astley Bridge Councillor, Kate Taylor, added, “This is a vital issue that needs to be addressed immediately. We are calling on the government to take action against water companies that engage in sewage dumping and implement strict fines and targets to end this practice.”

To support the campaign, the group is encouraging people to sign the petition calling on sewage dumping to be stopped and for our rivers to be cleaned up. They are urging the community to come together and take action to protect the environment and their health.

“We need to act now to ensure that our rivers and brooks are clean and safe for future generations. We call on all Bolton residents to sign the petition and join us in demanding action from the government and water companies,” said activist Kirith Entwistle.

To sign the petition or learn more about the campaign, please visit https://www.kirithentwistle.com/petition/clean_rivers/#


Campaign Spokesperson: Kirith Entwistle

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07942 375 496