Kirith Entwistle discussing her campaign to clean up rivers by Astley Brook, with a member of the public

Labour candidate for Bolton North East Kirith Entwistle campaigning to clean up Bolton’s Rivers

As you may know, I have been campaigning to clean up Bolton’s rivers after it came to light that United Utilities had been regularly dumping sewage into our waterways. Literally thousands of times annually.

We need accountability and decisive action to protect the local environment. My campaign called for mandatory monitoring of all sewage outlets, automatic fines for sewage dumping, a legally binding target to reduce sewage dumping, and an end to the practice of water companies marking their own homework.

Thank you to everyone who has signed my petition, I hope that you will continue to share it and encourage others to join our efforts

My campaign has won the support of Bolton Labour councillors, who have been working closely with me throughout and helping to raise awareness of the damage done to our rivers and brooks.

We scored a huge victory, with United Utilities proposing to spend £38million on four projects in Astley Bridge, Dunscar Bridge and Firwood Industrial Estate to create new water storage tunnels which would stop sewage from overflowing straight into our rivers.

I commend the investment being made by United Utilities, but we cannot overlook the fact that significant challenges remain. We must continue to push for stringent measures, including mandatory monitoring, automatic fines, and legally binding targets, to hold water companies accountable and safeguard our environment for future generations.

I have no faith in this Conservative Government to take the action needed to hold the water companies to account. They have been dragging their feet on this for years while Labour has been calling for action. This doesn’t just impact Bolton, the whole country has rivers and beaches full of sewage and it’s not a crazy ambition for us to want better than this.

If I am elected as Labour MP for Bolton North East I will continue to push for actions that will clean up Bolton’s rivers.

Kirith Entwistle
Labour Party Candidate for Bolton North East