Campaign update: Off-road bikes

A specialist police unit to tackle nuisance off-road bikes is coming to Bolton. Kirith Entwistle has been calling for this, alongside Labour Councillors.

Labour policies can change lives in Bolton

Kirith Entwistle laughing with health workers inside Breightmet Health Centre

Labour policies can change lives in Bolton. People often think that politics doesn’t matter and that choices made don’t really connect to the lives of most people. I understand that feeling. When you watch Parliament arguing over the drama of the day you wonder where the real issues are. Through all the noise, the impact […]

Ticket Office Closures

Kirith Entwistle Slams Conservative Ministers for Weakness and Negligence in Hasty Ticket Office Closures Kirith Entwistle, the Parliamentary Candidate for Bolton North East, has vehemently condemned Conservative ministers for their rushed decision to abruptly close the ticket offices at Bromley Cross and Farnworth stations. This sudden closure, scheduled to take effect within the next few […]