Bolton’s Crime and Anti-social behaviour

Superintendent Jones and Kirith Entwistle in front of a map of Bolton

Crime and anti-social behaviour are issues that regularly come up when speaking with people all across Bolton. Your feedback helped shape my local plan to tackle off-road bikes and Labour’s national policy agenda to take on knife crime. I have been raising concerns about the impact of shoplifting on Bolton businesses. I want to make […]

Campaign update: Off-road bikes

A specialist police unit to tackle nuisance off-road bikes is coming to Bolton. Kirith Entwistle has been calling for this, alongside Labour Councillors.

Restoring Bolton’s High Streets

Krith Entwistle presents Labour's plan for high streets

As part of Labour’s missions to get Britain building again and take back our streets, we will work to rejuvenate our high streets and bring economic growth back to Bolton and towns across the country.

Taking on nuisance bikes in Bolton

Off-road motorbikes

They’re noisy, they damage our public spaces, and they’re often by used by unlicensed riders without tax or insurance. Off-road motorbikes are a real nuisance. I have heard from local residents about the difficulty they’ve faced in getting the problem addressed. I’ve been engaging residents, community leaders and local Councillors to understand the challenges we […]

Knife crime: A plan to save lives


The Government have announced they will introduce new legislation on zombie knives, but it’s too little too late. Under the Tories, knife crime has risen by 70% since 2015 and in the last 12 months, 47% of teenagers have been a victim or a witness of violence. These new bans do not include all kinds […]