The Government have announced they will introduce new legislation on zombie knives, but it’s too little too late. Under the Tories, knife crime has risen by 70% since 2015 and in the last 12 months, 47% of teenagers have been a victim or a witness of violence.

These new bans do not include all kinds of zombie knives and other kinds of dangerous weapons and do not ban the selling of them on online sites.

Labour has a serious plan to tackle knife crime and the causes of knife crime:
❌ Banning a wider range of weapons, and toughen existing rules on serration and centimetre length.
❌ Establish criminal sanctions for tech executives who fail to prevent their online marketplaces from being used to enable illegal knife sales.
❌ Launch a rapid end-to-end review on online knife selling to toughen up ID requirements and crack down on unlawful supply of knives to under-18s.

We’ll also tackle the issues that cause people to seek out knives in the first place. We need early intervention to stop young people being drawn into crime and and end to the abuse and exploitation of young people in our communities.

It breaks my heart to know that families here in Bolton know the horror of knife crime first hand. Nobody should have to experience that and with the right interventions we can save lives. If the Tories won’t use their position to help people, the Labour Party are ready to step up when the election comes.

Kirith Entwistle
Labour Party Candidate for Bolton North East