Kirith’s response to news of further ‘Levelling Up’ money promised to Bolton by 2026.

Bolton has lost £250 million pounds under this Conservative Government in cuts and on failed bids, and today’s announcement is too little, too late to make up for this.

The Government’s so-called Levelling-up schemes have already cost Bolton Council more than £150,000* in failed bids. £16 million of levelling-up funding was lost because an email wasn’t sent on time by the last Conservative Council administration, and we never got the £41 million of levelling-up funding we were promised – money that was so desperately needed for town centre regeneration. Furthermore, we lost £2million in apprenticeship money because it was never spent. Today’s announcement means we’re receiving less than half of the money we put in for and we won’t be seeing any results until at least 2026. That simply isn’t good enough.

This is just another broken promise from this Conservative government. It is a government that has truly turned its back on the North West, specifically, towns like Bolton. This dysfunctional government promised shovel-ready projects but has failed to get spades in the ground. With Britain’s regions further apart than ever, the Conservatives’ flagship levelling up scheme has been exposed as a sham and a scam.

Bolton deserves better, and it needs investment now.

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