Kirith Entwistle writing letters to local residents. A handsigned and personalised letter on a desk.

I think it’s essential that MPs build connections to the area and the people that they wish to represent.

I have a good start on this because Bolton is my home and my community and I’m proud to be seeking election here, but I know that my personal experience isn’t enough on it’s own to make decisions for our town’s future.

I’m out talking to local residents every week, supported by a wonderful team of volunteers who give their time to go door to door with me, because I know that I need to listen to Bolton if I’m to represent you well.

I want this to be an ongoing conversation that lasts well beyond the General Election so today I set aside some time to follow up with some of the people who expressed concerns when we spoke to them on the doorstep. We can solve our town’s problems and build a better Bolton when we take action together.

If you’d like to talk about my campaign or if you think there’s an issue that I should be focusing on please get in touch. There’s a form on the bottom of this page, or you can use any of the contact details that are on my letterhead in the photo.