Tell the Conservatives: Clean up Bolton’s Rivers

Kirith Entwistle discussing her campaign to clean up rivers by Astley Brook, with a member of the public

Add Your Name Last year, raw sewage was dumped 1,098 times across Bolton. Local rivers like the Tonge, Irwell and Croal and brooks like Bradshaw, Astley, Eagley and Belmont had sewage dumped for thousands of hours in 2022. The Tories have let water companies get away with this and have blocked attempts to clean up […]

Action on off-road bikes

Add Your Name Off-road bikes are a nuisance and Labour are determined to tackle this problem. Many residents have raised concerns about off-road bikes being the cause of local anti-social behaviour. Residents shouldn’t live in fear and Labour is determined to tackle this problem in order to improve the quality of life and safety of […]

Safe Schools for Bolton Students

Cracks in school concrete

Add Your Name Just as the start of the new academic year begins, local schools have closed due to dangerous concrete. Parents and the public have the right to know where schools and other public buildings affected by this dangerous concrete are. In Bolton North East, Canon Slade has restricted access and St William of […]