Kirith Entwistle with the Bolton statue of Fred Dibnah
Kirth Entwistle. Supporting working people in Bolton North East.

I am proud to endorse Labour’s New Deal for Working People because I know it will make a real meaningful difference to the lives of people here in Bolton.

The Conservatives have made life harder for working people. During their 14 years in Government our rights at work have been weakened, pay and conditions eroded, and the cost-of-living crisis has had a serious impact on quality of life.

There are no quick fixes, but I am sure that this range of policies will directly raise quality of life for Bolton residents.

Making work pay

The Conservatives like to talk about “making work pay” whenever they decide to strip support away from people. They want to make you feel grateful for your low pay and long hours that barely make ends meet, because they’re pushing people who cannot work into destitution. It’s cruel and it doesn’t do any good for anyone in our society. Labour’s approach will be to actually give people a fair days pay that meets household costs.

We will support industries to create more well-paid jobs. We’ll lift the minimum wage to a real living wage. It makes no sense that an 18 year old, a 21 year old and a 24 year old all doing the same job in the same workplace can each be paid different minimum wages, so we’re going to fix that. Plus, Labour will ensure that everyone is entitled to a contract based on the hours they normally work, so they have real security of income.

Making work fairer

Everyone should be treated fairly in the workplace, but in many jobs people find themselves with different levels of protection based on how long they’ve been in the role. Labour’s New Deal for Working People would ensure that from day one you get sick pay, parental leave, flexible working arrangements, protection from unfair dismissal and other workers rights.

Fire and rehire as a method to force people into worse terms and conditions is simply unfair, so we’ll end that.

Zero hours contracts is something Labour has been calling for an end to for years now. The Government have failed to do anything about it, but the next Labour Government will.

I know that lots of people feel their employer would understand them taking time off for a serious physical health problem but it’s a different matter when it comes to mental health. I want workplaces in Bolton to fully support their workers and Labour will work to put mental and physical health on equal footing.

There’s more to come

These are just some of Labour’s ideas to help working people and reform our workplaces. I picked out some of my favourites, but there’s a very extensive document if you want to read more. You can find that by clicking here.

It’s an ambitious set of proposals but they are practical and achievable and I will work so hard to make them a reality because this is how we improve lives. Labour’s approach will give people dignity in the workplace and security for their household. We will lay the foundations for people to thrive and not simply live day-to-day trying to get by.

Kirth Entwistle
Labour Party Candidate for Bolton North East

New Deal For Working People